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Redesigning your kitchen can be a rewarding experience. Follow the links on the left for tips and ideas as to how to go about getting ready, keeping organized and thoughts you should consider.

The choice is yours!

Certain things are part of every kitchen, such as the refrigerator, the sink, the cabinets, etc. However there are many innovative, highly functional and decorative features that you will want to consider!

Measuring your existing space prior to visiting one of our Showrooms will help to get the process started. Print the form out on your computer, fill in the measurements and include them in your kitchen file. Your personal Cabinet Price Warehouse Designer can answer all your questions regarding options, sizes and availability. We will quickly turn your measurements and ideas into a beautiful rendering of your new kitchen.

Click here for a printable grid paper.

  • Measure the room wall to wall
  • Record each dimension on your grid
  • Measure walls at ceiling, center and floor to insure accuracy
  • Record the height, width and distance from the floor of each window
  • Window measurements should be from the outside edge of trim
  • If mounting window treatments on the outside of the window, allow for 3" (7.5cm) on each side

Measure doors in the same manner as windows
Show the direction of door openings
Note placement of door hinges and whether the door swings in or out

  • Measure the ceiling height
  • Measure depth and height of
  • soffit/bulkhead if applicable and record it on grid
  • Clearly note the center locations of all appliances and fixtures on your grid
  • Complete the appliance planner provided in this planner
  • Clearly note the center locations of plumbing, ventilation and natural gas supply (if applicable)
  • Clearly note the center locations of telephone jacks, electrical outlets, cable locations and light fixtures
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Measuring your kitchen:

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