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Redesigning your kitchen can be a rewarding experience. Follow the links on the left for tips and ideas as to how to go about getting ready, keeping organized and thoughts you should consider.

Ordering kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be a fun, creative exciting experience. The number of doors styles and colors and counter top materials are endless. This means that we can create the exact look you want.

We can supply over 1000 different cabinet colours and sizes. This means that we can create a functional kitchen to meet any of your requirements. Our designers only require a sketch of your existing kitchen. Have a look at our ‘Sample Layout’ page to get an idea of what that sketch should include.

The layout possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where are the windows, entrances and exits on my floor plan?
  • How much traffic will there be in my kitchen?
  • Will my kitchen be part of a larger, open "living" area, or will it simply be a "working kitchen" - a functional area for preparing meals and cleaning-up?
  • How large an area do I have for the kitchen?
  • The following descriptions will help you decide upon an appropriate layout:

L - Shaped Kitchen

An L - Shaped kitchen is a very popular choice. It is extremely functional, and does not require a large area. Depending on the amount of floor area, an island may be easily added to this design.

U - Shaped Kitchen

This design offers loads of counter top area, and ease of movement around the work tri-angle. However, care must be taken to avoid too many cooks at one time, which can easily result in a bump 'n grind situation. The U - Shaped kitchen also provides the option of a peninsula eating area.

Galley Kitchen

This walk-through kitchen is a very efficient set-up. Everything is close at hand, which saves a cook many steps. Constant traffic through the kitchen, and a limited amount of counter space, are two drawbacks.
In most galley kitchens, space is limited. A narrow, floor to ceiling pantry along one wall, is one way to make use of every square inch!

Single Wall Kitchen

When space is limited, this arrangement is often the solution. By adding an island with a sink or cooktop, a more functional work triangle is created.

Open Concept Kitchen

Many new home plans feature the increasingly popular 'Open Concept' kitchen. In this design, there are no walls separating the living (family) room, the dining area, and the kitchen. Although there is frequently a peninsula, or island, with lower cabinets which acts as a practical, visual divider.

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Measuring your kitchen:

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