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Redesigning your kitchen can be a rewarding experience. Follow the links on the left for tips and ideas as to how to go about getting ready, keeping organized and thoughts you should consider.

Deciding what to include.

Is there more than one cook using the kitchen at a time?
- An additional sink, or oven, and additional countertop / work areas may be useful.

How much floor space is available?
- Do you have enough room for everything?

Do you cook for large, or small groups?
- More counter space, or a larger preparation work area may be necessary.

What special activities will you use your kitchen for?
- Such as: entertaining (eat-in areas, wet bar, peninsula for serving buffet-style), canning, baking, home-office area, telephone / television / computer areas, shelving for cookbooks, and laundry area.

Does clutter bother you?
- A countertop appliance garage, and other storage may be the solution.

Is there anyone in your house with 'special needs' - an elderly, or physically challenged person?
- Does your plan help them to function easier?

Do your children use the kitchen to do homework?
- Make sure your kitchen has a built-in desk, sufficient chairs/ stools, and/ or countertop work area.


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List of wants:
Measuring your kitchen:

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